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Powel Crosley, Jr.

Born: 1886 AD
Died: 1961 AD, at 74 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Industrialist, Writers


1886 - Powel Crosley Jr., born on the 18th of September in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was an American inventor, industrialist, and entrepreneur.

1907 - He formed a company to produce the Marathon Six, an inexpensive 6 cylinder car that sold for $300 less than other 2 and 3 cylinder vehicles on the market. It failed for lack of money.

1910 - He married Gwendolyn Aiken.

1912 - He tried again to produce a 6 cylinder car, but it was interrupted by World War I.

       - Also in this year his son, Powel the 3rd, was born.

1916 - He went back to being a salesman until when he grasped the opportunity to work in an automobile accessory mail order business.

1917 - He came up with his own gadgets and ideas to sell along with the previous items, and within two years, he and his brother had sold more than a million dollars in parts.

1921 - His 9 year old son wanted a radio. When he went to the department stores to look at one, he was surprised at the cost. They were all over a hundred dollars, and he thought that was too expensive a toy for anyone. Instead, he purchased a booklet titled "The A.B.C. of Radio," and he and his son built their own radio.

1922 - By the Spring,  he was the world's largest radio manufacturer and had earned the title "the Henry Ford of Radio".

1930 - He came out with the Shelvador, the first refrigerator to have shelves in the door and sold it for fifty dollars cheaper than other name brands.

1939 - He came out with a small 2 cylinder car.

1946 - He studied and researched and came out with a revised version of the car.

1949 -  His company introduced a conventional cast iron block.

1961 - Died on the 28th of March due to heart attack.


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