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Cromwell, Thomas

Born: 1485 AD
Died: 1540 AD
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1485 – Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex, was an English statesman born in Putney, England.

1512 – He was employed by the powerful Florentine merchant banker family, the Frescobaldis, in cloth dealing at Syngsson’s Mart in Middelburg in the Netherlands.

1519 – Married a clothier’s daughter, Elizabeth Wyckes.

1523 – After studying law, he became a Member of the English Parliament.

1524 – He was appointed at Gray’s Inn.

1525 – He helped Wolsey dissolve thirty monasteries in order to raise funds for Wolsey’s grammar school in Ipswich and the Cardinal’s College, Oxford.

1529 – Henry summoned a Parliament (later known as the Reformation Parliament) in order to obtain a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

1531 – He was appointed a royal counsellor for parliamentary business.

1532 – Became Henry’s chief minister not through any formal office but by gaining the King’s confidence.

1535 – Henry appointed him as his last Vicegerent in Spirituals.

1535 – 1536 – He presided over the Dissolution of the Monasteries, which began with his visitation of the monasteries and abbeys.

1540 – He was created Earl of Essex on the 18th of April.

       – Died on the 28th of July in London, England.

2.7 (54.44%) 18 votes