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Crompton, Samuel

Born: 1753 AD
Died: 1827 AD
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1753 – Born on the 3rd of December at Firwood, in Bolton, Lancashire.

1779 – Succeeded in producing a machine which span yarn suitable for use in the manufacture of muslin and and later as the spinning mule.

1780 – The demand arose for the yarn, which he himself made at Hall-i’-th’-Wood.

1800 – A sum of £500 was raised for his benefit by subscription.

1809 – Edmund Cartwright, the inventor of the power loom obtained £10,000 from parliament, he determined also to apply for a grant.

1811 – Made a tour in the manufacturing districts of Lancashire and Scotland.

1812 – Embarked in business, first as a bleacher and then as a cotton merchant and spinner.

1824 – Some friends, without his knowledge, bought him an annuity of £63.

1827 – He died at Bolton on the 26th of June.

3 (60%) 19 votes