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Crispi, Francesco

Born: 1819 AD
Died: 1901 AD, at 81 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Politician, Prime Ministers


1819 - Born on October 4th in Ribera, Sicily, Italy.  Italian statesman who, after being exiled from Naples and Sardinia-Piedmont for revolutionary activities, eventually became premier of a united Italy.

1848 - On the outbreak of the Sicilian revolution at Palermo, he hastened to the island and took an active part in guiding the insurrection.

1849 - Upon the restoration of the Bourbon government, he was excluded from the amnesty and compelled to flee to Piedmont.

1853 - Implicated in the Mazzinian conspiracy at Milan, he was expelled from Piedmont, and obliged to take refuge at Malta, from where he fled to Paris.

1859 - Returned to Italy after publishing a letter repudiating the aggrandizement of Piedmont, and proclaiming himself a republican and a partisan of national unity.

1861 - Entered the parliament as deputy of the extreme Left for Castelvetrano, Crispi acquired the reputation of being the most aggressive and most impetuous member of the republican party.

1866-1967 - Refused to enter the Ricasoli cabinet.

         - He worked to impede the Garibaldian invasion of the papal states, foreseeing the French occupation of Rome and the disaster of Mentana.

1877 - Went to London, Paris and Berlin on a confidential mission, establishing cordial personal relationships with Gladstone, Granville and other English statesmen, and with Bismarck.

         - He replaced Nicotera as minister of the interior in the Depretis cabinet, his short term of office (70 days) being signalized by a series of important events.

1887  - Returned to office as minister of the interior in the Depretis cabinet, succeeding to the premiership upon the death of Depretis.

1901 - Died on August 12th in Naples.


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