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Declan Patrick Aloysius McManus (Costello, Elvis)

Born: 1954 AD
Currently alive, at 61 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Musicians, Singer


1954 - Born on August 25th in London, England. A British singer-songwriter who extended the musical and lyrical range of the punk and new-wave movements.

1970 - He lived in London, recording demos and performing locally while working as a computer programmer.

1977 - Lowe produced Costello's first album, My Aim Is True. A critical and commercial success, it aligned the cynicism and energy of punk bands like the Sex Pistols and the Clash with the structures of a more literate songwriting tradition, weaving complex wordplay through a set of clever pop tunes and moving easily among varied melodic styles.


1978-1980 - Costello formed a strong backing band, the Attractions. On the early albums with the Attractions—"This Year's Model", "Armed Forces", and "Get Happy!!".

         - Costello and Lowe developed a distinctive guitar and keyboard mix that was influenced by a variety of 1960s artists, including Booker T. and the MG's.

1981 - Costello experimented with the country genre in "Almost Blue".

1982 - His album "Imperial Bedroom" won critical acclaim.

1983 - The hit “Everyday I Write the Book” was composed during this period.

1984 - Released "Goodbye Cruel World" with only limited critical and commercial success.

1985 - Divorced his wife, and he married Cait O'Riordan, the bassist of the British band the Pogues, the following year.

1986 - Recorded "King of America", a radical stylistic departure.

1989 - Costello continued to explore new sounds on his next album, "Spike".


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