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Corelli, Arcangelo

Born: 1653 AD
Died: 1713 AD
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1653 – Born on February 17th in Fusignano, Italy. Italian violin-player and composer. He was the creator of concerto grosso.

         – The style of execution introduced by Corelli and preserved by his pupils, such as Geminiani, Locatelli, and many others, has been of vital importance for the development of violin-playing, but he employed only a limited portion of his instrument’s compass, aa may be seen by his writings, wherein the parts for the violin never proceed above D on the first string, the highest note in the third position; it is even said that he refused to play, as impossible, a passage which extended to A in altissimo in the overture to Handel’s Trionfo del Tempo, and took serious offense when the composer played the note in evidence of its practicability.

1681 – He was in the service of the electoral prince of Bavaria.

1685 – Was in Rome, where he led the festival performances of music for Queen Christine of Sweden and was also a favorite of Cardinal Ottoboni.

1708 – He went once more to Rome, living in the palace of Cardinal Ottoboni. His visit to Naples, at the invitation of the king, took place in the same year.

1713 – Died on January 8th in Rome, Italy. Corelli died possessed of a sum of 120,000 marks and a valuable collection of pictures, the only luxury in which he had indulged.

2.7 (54%) 20 votes