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Cooper, James Fenimore

Born: 1789 AD
Died: 1851 AD
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1789 – James Fenimore Cooper, born on the 15th of September in  Burlington, New Jersey, U.S. first major U.S. novelist, author of the novels of frontier adventure known as the Leatherstocking Tales, featuring the wilderness scout called Natty Bumppo, or Hawkeye.

1803 – 1805 – After private schooling in Albany, he attended Yale. Little is known of his college career other than that he was the best Latin scholar of his class and was expelled in his junior year because of a prank.

1811 – Married Susan De Lancy and resigned from the navy.

1820 – It was in this amateur spirit that he wrote and published his first fiction, reputedly on a challenge from his wife. Precaution was a plodding imitation of Jane Austen’s novels of English gentry manners.

1821 – His second novel, The Spy, was based on another British model, Sir Walter Scott’s “Waverley” novels, stories of adventure and romance set in 17th- and 18th-century Scotland.

1823 – 1841 – His novels include The Pioneers, The Last of the Mohicans, The Prairie, The Pathfinder, and The Deerslayer.

1837 – He refused to let local citizens picnic on a family property known as Three Mile Point.

1851 – Died on the 14th of September in Cooperstown, New York.

2.8 (55%) 4 votes