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Colter, John

Born: 1775 AD
Died: 1812 AD
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1774 – Born near Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia. Colter is credited with being the first white man to enter what is now Yellowstone National Park. American explorer, frontiersman, and trapper.
1803 – He was recruited by Captain Lewis at Maysville on October 15th, one of the “Nine young men from Kentucky” and a permanent member of the expedition.

1805 – Colter accompanied Captain Clark in an attempt to scout out a way through the Rockies.

1806 – Colter was granted an early discharge from the Corps to become a fur trapper in partnership with two Illinois trappers, Forest Hancock and Joseph Dickson.

1807 – Colter pursued his itinerant life as a trapper and he joined a venture led by Manuel Lisa on the Big Horn River.

         – Went on solo expedition and became the first white person to visit site of present-day Yellowstone National Park

1809 – He and former expedition member John Potts accompanied the Andrew Henry outfit, and were assigned to trap in Blackfeet country.

1812 – William Clark was putting the finishing touches on his map of the Northwest to accompany the long delayed publication of the edition of the journals. Colter supplied Clark with many new details gleaned from his travels into the Yellowstone, Wind River and other mountain country not known to Clark.

2.4 (48%) 15 votes