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Colson, John

Born: 1680 AD
Died: 1760 AD
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         – The fifth Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, is a relative unknown in the history of the field.

         – Before Colson came to Cambridge, he had been the master at a mathematical school at Rochester. He was first educated at Christ Church Oxford, but never graduated.

1713 – He was elected to the Royal Society. In the later years of his life he was also the rector of Lokington in Yorkshire.

1728 – He moved to Emmanuel College, Cambridge, where he received his M.A., when he was forty-eight years old.

1736 – He published an English version of Newton’s  Method of Fluxions and Infinite Series originally written in Latin.

         – He also published the English edition of  Geometrica Analytica by Newton.

1739 – He was elected to the Lucasian Chair in May.

1760 – Died at 80 years of age.

1761 – An edition of Newton’s Arithmetica universalis was published in Latin with Colson’s commentary, also in Latin.

1801 – Colson showed himself to be ahead of his times by his translation of  Analyitical Institutions written originally in Italian by Donna Maria Agnesi, a professor of mathematics and philosophy at the University of Bolgna.

         – It was published forty one years after his death.

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