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Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel

Born: 1875 AD
Died: 1912 AD
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1875 – Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel born on the 15th of August in London, England. English composer who enjoyed considerable acclaim in the early years of the 20th century.

1890 – Where H.A. Walters guided his progress and arranged his admittance to the Royal College of Music.

1896 – He became conductor of an amateur orchestra in Croydon and began teaching, guest-conducting, recital work, and judging at music festivals to support his wife and two children.

1898 – Continued to compose and was an early success at the Gloucester Festival with an orchestral Ballade in A Minor.

1899 – Composed, The Death of Minnehaha and Hiawatha’s Departure the following year.

1911 – In these and numerous other works, including incidental music, choral works, and a violin concerto, influences from DvoYák, Tchaikovsky, and Grieg appear along with a spontaneity derived from appreciation of Negro folk music, in which Coleridge-Taylor was a pioneer.

1912 – Died on the 1st of September in Croydon, Surrey.

3.1 (62.4%) 25 votes