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Colbert, Claudette

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1996 AD
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1903 – She was born Lily Claudette Chauchoin in Paris and raised in New York City.


1920 – She had signed five-year contract with producer Al Woods. Colbert appeared in the theater productions.


1923 – She appeared on the Broadway stage in a small role in The Wild Westcotts.


1927 – Claudette accepted an offer by First National to make her first film.


1928 – Claudette signed film contract with Paramount, which enabled her to continue stage career.


1929 – Her screen career started in earnest early this year.


1930 – She co-starred with Fredric March in Manslaughter and received positive reviews for her performance as a rich girl, jailed for manslaughter.


1932 – She had appeared in some seventeen films, playing diverse roles in approximately four films per year.


1933 – Claudette renegotiated contract with Paramount; allowed to appear in films at other studios. And this year she was the subject of a magazine advertisement for Coca Cola.


1934 – She did her first comedy film.


1938 – She was reported to be the highest paid performer in Hollywood with a salary of $426,924.


1945 – She left Paramount Pictures after having spent most of her starring career there; her last film under contract was Practically Yours.


1940 – Several of her late films did well enough at the box-office to sustain her career, Colbert’s film career gradually declined in quality, activity and scope.


1947 – Colbert remained a top money-making star until her last big hit, The Egg and I after which she lost some footing, partly because of producers’ unwillingness to meet her demands that (under doctor’s orders) she could only film a short time each day (her doctor was her husband).


1950 – Her career had begun to wind down.


1952 – She went to work in England and France in fewer films and theater. She wanted new challenges and was interested in seeing how foreign artists and technicians made films.


1951 – She made TV debut on The Jack Benny Program.


1954 – She made pact with CBS to star in five teleplays after successful appearance in The Royal Family.


1955 – Her last starring film was the western Texas Lady.


1959 – Her last major acting role on TV for 25 years was in The Bells of St. Mary’s.


1958 – She came back to the stage in earnest this year. In addition, she had stopped making motion pictures by the middle of that decade.


1961 – Her last major appearance was as Troy Donahue’s mother in soap opera, Parrish. The Last movie was unsuccessful.


1969 – She expressed her intention to write a book entitled "How to Run a House" for her friend Bennett Cerf’s Random House Press.


1996 – She died at her oceanfront home in Barbados at the age of 92 on the 30th day of July this year.












































1.5 (30%) 2 votes