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Coke, Edward, Sir

Born: 1552 AD
Died: 1634 AD
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1552 – Born in Mileham, Norfolk on the 1st of February.

1589 – He became a Member of Parliament.

1592 – Speaker of the House of Commons.

1593 – He was appointed England’s Attorney General, a post for which he was in competition with his rival Sir Francis Bacon.

1606 – He was appointed Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.

1606 – Coke apparently helped write the charter of the Virginia Company, a private venture granted a royal charter to found settlements in North America.

1613 – He was elevated to Chief Justice of the King’s Bench.

1616 – Bacon encouraged the King to remove Coke as Chief Justice, for refusing to hold a case in abeyance until the King could give his own opinion in it.

1620 – Coke became an MP again, and proved so troublesome to the crown that he was imprisoned, along with other Parliamentary leaders, for six months.

1628 – He was one of the drafters of the Petition of Right.

         – Under Coke’s leadership, the House of Commons forced Charles I of England to accept Coke’s Petition of Right by withholding the revenues the king wanted until he capitulated.

1634 – Died on the 3rd of September.


1.3 (26.67%) 3 votes