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Clive, Robert

Born: 1725 AD
Died: 1774 AD
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1725 – Robert Clive was born in Styche, Market Drayton, England on the 29th of September.

1742 – He joined the East India Company.

1743 – He accepted the position of writer, the lowest rank of clerical employee in the East India Company.

1744 – He assumed his duties in the city of Madras.

1747 – He escaped and accepted a commission in the British army as an ensign.

1751 – He captured Arcot compelling the French to give up their siege of the British-held town of Trichinopoly.

1753 – He returned to England where he was welcomed as a hero.

1756 – He was in India as a governor of Fort Saint David.

1757 – He promptly broke the peace with the nawab and defeated Siraj-ud-Dawlah and his army on the 23th of June.

1760 – He returned to England and bought a seat in Parliament.

1762 – He was elevated to the Irish peerage.

1764 – He was knighted to the Irish peerage.

1763 – He returned to India as governor and commander in chief of Bengal.

1767 – He returned to England and accused him of having used his offices in India for personal enrichment and caused Parliament to impeach him.

1769 – He acquired the House and Gardens at Claremont and commissioned Lancelot "Capability" Brown to re-model the garden and rebuild the house.

1772 – He defend his actions against critics in Britain.

1773 – He was acquitted of charges.

1774 – He was addicted to opium at length resulted in his suicide on the 22th of November.

3.2 (63.03%) 33 votes