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Clinton, Henry

Born: 1738 AD
Died: 1795 AD
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1738 – Born in the Newfoundland on the 16th of April.

1758 – He became captain and lieutenant-colonel in the Grenadier Guards.

1760-1762 – Distinguished himself very greatly as an aide-de-camp to Ferdinand of Brunswick in the Seven Years’ War.

1762 – He was promoted colonel.

1772 – Peace received the colonelcy of a regiment of foot, becoming major-general.

1784 – He had a seat in parliament, first for Boroughbridge and subsequently for Newark, but for the greater part of this time he was on active service in America in the War of Independence.

1779 – He invaded South Carolina,

1780 – Conjunction with Admiral M. Arbuthnot won an important success in the capture of Charleston. Friction.

1790 – He was elected M.P. for Launceston.

1794 – He was made governor of Gibraltar.

1795 – Died on the 23rd of December.


3.1 (62.86%) 21 votes