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Clementi, Muzio

Born: 1752 AD
Died: 1832 AD
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1752 – Mutius Philippus Vincentius Franciscus Xaverius Clementi was born on January 24th in Rome, Italy. Italian pianist and composer, considered by some as the "father of the piano".

1961 – Clementi’s theoretical and practical studies had advanced to such a degree that he was able to win the position of organist at a church.

1964 – He had composed an oratorio.

1770 – He first appeared in London, where his success both as composer and pianist was rapid and brilliant.

1777 – He was employed as conductor of the Italian opera.

1781-1782 – At Vienna, he was received with high honor by the emperor Joseph II, in whose presence he met Mozart, and fought a kind of musical duel with him.

         – Clementi returned to London, where for the next twelve years he continued his lucrative occupations of fashionable teacher and performer at the concerts of the aristocracy.

1800 – He took shares in the pianoforte business of a firm which went bankrupt.

1810 – Clementi returned to London, but refused to play again in public, devoting the remainder of his life to composition.

1832 – Died on March 10th in Evesham, Worcestershire, England. His intellectual and musical faculties remained unimpaired until his death.

2.9 (57.14%) 21 votes