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Tiberius Claudius Nero Caesar Drusus (Claudius I)

Born: 010 AD
Died: 054 AD, at 44 years of age.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Emperor, Monarch


10 B.C - Born - on the 1st of August - in Ancient Rome, Italy,  Tiberius Claudius Drusus.


14 A.D. - Appealed to his uncle Tiberius to allow him to begin the cursus honorum.


37 A.D. - He was reportedly afflicted with some type of disability, and his family had virtually excluded him from public office until his consulship with his nephew Caligula.


41 A.D. - He was made emperor after Caligula's murder.


43 A.D. - He sent Aulus Plautius with four legions to Britain after an appeal from an ousted tribal ally.


47 A.D. - He assumed the office of Censor with Lucius Vitellius, which had been allowed to lapse for some time.


48 A.D. - He conducted a census that found 5,984,072 Roman citizens, an increase of around a million since the census conducted at Augustus' death.


54 A.D. - Died under mysterious circumstances, many historians believe he was poisoned by his wife, Agrippina, so that her son Nero would become emperor. On the 13th of October


1930s-1970s - Claudius has been represented several times in fiction, both in literature and in film and television. The most famous modern representation is in the novels 

I, Claudius and Claudius the god by Robert Graves, and BBC television adaptation.





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