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Ciano, Galeazzo

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1944 AD
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1903 – Born on March 18th in Livorno, Italy. Italian statesman and diplomat who became one of the key figures in the Fascist regime of Benito Mussolini.

1922 – Ciano took part in the Fascist March on Rome and then studied law at the University of Rome.

1930 – Married to Mussolini’s daughter, Edda.

1933-1934 – He rose rapidly through the ranks: chief of the press bureau, undersecretary of state for press and propaganda, and member of the Fascist Grand Council, the inner group that determined party policy.

1935-1936 – An avid aviator, he led a bomber squadron in the war against Ethiopia and, on his return to Rome, became minister of foreign affairs.

1939 – Ciano became wary of Adolf Hitler when Germany invaded Poland without first consulting Italy, in direct violation of an agreement given to Ciano in May by the German foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop. At first Ciano persuaded Mussolini to adopt a policy of nonbelligerence, but, when France fell, he urged entry into the war.

1940 – He was especially influential in bringing about Italy’s entry into World War II after the fall of France.

1942 – Ciano became one of many Fascist proponents of a separate peace with the Allies.

1943 – The suspicious Mussolini dismissed his entire Cabinet on February 5th, and Ciano was appointed ambassador to the Vatican.

1944 – He was captured by pro-Mussolini partisans and Germans in northern Italy. On Mussolini’s orders, he was brought to trial on a charge of treason, found guilty, and executed by a shot in the back.

         – Died on January 11th in Verona.

1946 – Ciano’s diaries were published in English.

1.8 (35%) 4 votes