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Churchill, Winston Leonard Spencer, Sir

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1965 AD
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1874 – Born on November 30th in Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England.

1898-1899 – Churchill’s literary career began with campaign reports: The Story of the Malakand Field Force and The River War, an account of the campaign in the Sudan and the Battle of Omdurman.

1900 – He published his only novel, Savrola, and, six years later, his first major work, the biography of his father, Lord Randolph Churchill.

1908 – Married to Clementine on September 12th.

1911-1915 – At the outbreak of the Second World War, he was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty.

1923 – Churchill’s history of the First World War appeared in four volumes under the title of The World Crisis.

1924 – Churchill was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer.

1930 – An autobiographical account of his youth, My Early Life, appeared.

1938 – He condemned the Munich Agreement.

1940 – He became Prime Minister and Minister of Defense.

         – The leader of Conservative Party.

1941 – Pledged support for Soviets after Germany launched assault on Soviet Union.

1942-1946 – His magnificent oratory survives in a dozen volumes of speeches, among them The Unrelenting Struggle, The Dawn of Liberation, and Victory.

         – Held war conferences with Franklin Roosevelt at Washington D.C. and Casablanca, with Franklin Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek at Cairo, with Franklin Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin at Tehran and Yalta, with Harry Truman and Joseph Stalin at Potsdam.

1948 – Wrote Painting as a Pastime.

1951 – He took over the premiership again in the Conservative victory and resigned four years after.

1953 – Queen Elizabeth II conferred on Churchill the dignity of Knighthood and invested him with the insignia of the Order of the Garter.

         – Awarded the Nobel Prize in literature, he was allegedly disappointed that it wasn’t the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to prevent the Cold War between the East and West from deteriorating into nuclear conflict.

         – He was awarded the Order of the Garter, becoming Sir Winston.

1956 – After his retirement from office, Churchill wrote a History of the English-speaking Peoples.

1958 – He wrote 6-volume "The World Crisis", 6-volume "Marlborough: His Life and Times", 6-volume "The Second World War" and the 4-volume "A History of the English-speaking Peoples".

1963 – Among the other countless honours and decorations he received, special mention should be made of the honorary citizenship of the United States which President Kennedy conferred on him.

         – He was bestowed with honorary U.S. citizenship, the first recipient since Lafayette.

1965 – Died from a severe cerebral thrombosis on January 24th in London, England at the age of 90.

2.8 (55.64%) 55 votes