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Church, Alonzo

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1995 AD

1903 – Born in Washington, DC on the 14th of June.

1924 – He received a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

1929 – Professor of mathematics and philosophy at Princeton University.

         – Discoverer and eponym of Church’s theorem.

         – Co-developer and co-eponym of Church Turing thesis.

         – Developer and eponym of Church’s thesis.

         – Developed lambda calculus.

         – Helped found "Journal of Symbolic Logic".

1956 – Wrote textbook "Introduction to Mathematical Logic".

1967-1990 – Professor at University of California at Los Angeles

1979 – He was the founding editor of the Journal of Symbolic Logic, editing its reviews section.

1995 – Died on the 11th of August in Princeton Cemetery.