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Chou En-lai

Born: 1898 AD
Died: 1976 AD
Nationality: Chinese
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1898 – Born in Huaian, Kiangsu province, China

-was a Chinese communist administrator who, as premier, organized and ran the central government of the people’s republic of China and personally directed the country’s foreign affairs fore more than 25 years.

-Zhou was an activist in the nationalistic May Fourth Movement.

-he was arrested briefly.

-later that year he went to France, where he joined the French branch of the Chinese communist party.

-he returned to china and the next year married Deng Yingchao, an active revolutionary.

-Zhou Enlai made many visits to the USSR.

-his early specialty, military affairs, bought him into frequent conflict with Mao Zedong before Mao became party chairman.

-Zhou Enlai was the Chinese communist party’s best negotiator and one of the great diplomats of the 20th century.

-during the second SINO-JAPANESE WAR, he was the liaison representative of the communist force at the Kuomintang (Nationalist) capital.

-high points of his later diplomacy include the Sino-Soviet friendship treaty.

-the bandung conference of nonaligned nations.

-signed with U.S. president Richard Nixon, and the Shanghai communique.

-Zhou Enlai served continuously on the politburo of the Chinese communist party.

-as premier, he ran the government from 1949 until his death.

-he held primary responsibility for foreign relations during those years and was influential in domestic affairs.

1976- Died on January 8