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Chen Lu

Born: 1976 AD
Currently alive, at 42 years of age.
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1976 – Chen Lu, born on the 24th of November in Changchun, China. She is a Chinese figure skater, also known as "Butterfly on Ice" by her fans.

1991 – She landed seven triple jumps, including a triple toeloop/triple toeloop combination at the 91′ World Championships held in Munich, Germany.

       – She became the first Chinese figure skater to compete in the United States when she finished 4th at the Skate America competition held in Oakland, California.

1992 – After winning the bronze medal at the World Junior Championships, she shocked the skating world with a 6th place finish at the Olympics.

1992 – 1993 – She won bronze medals at the 92 and 93 World Championships, the first two won by a Chinese figure skater.

1994 – She became the first Chinese figure skater to medal at the Olympic games, winning the bronze medal for a performance that included five triple jumps skated to the soundtrack from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind by Joe Hisaishi.

1995 – Reached the pinnacle of her career, when she became the World Champion (another first for a Chinese skater) over Surya Bonaly of France and younger competitors from the U.S.

1996 – At the 96′ World Championships, she skated very well, better than she had skated all season, but she finished 2nd overall to Michelle Kwan.

1997 – Citing injury and was ill-prepared for the 97′ World Championships.

2005 – She married Russian Denis Petrov, 92′ Winter Olympics pair skating silver medalist.

2006 – She was one of celebrity torchbearers in the Torino 06′ Torch Relay by carrying the Flame in Venice, Italy.

2007 – Skated to "Butterfly Lovers" for the opening ceremony at the 6th Asian Winter Games.

3.4 (67.41%) 54 votes