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Chausson, Ernest

Born: 1855 AD
Died: 1899 AD
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1855 – Born on January 21st in Paris. French composer, whose small body of compositions has given him high rank among French composers of the late 19th century.

1879 – After obtaining a doctorate degree in law, Chausson entered the Paris Conservatory for a course of study with Jules Massenet and César Franck.

1880 – He studied law but entered the Paris Conservatoire for a course with Massenet.

         – He was a private pupil of César Franck. Well-to-do and generous, he was for ten years secretary of the Société Nationale de Musique and did much to encourage contemporary French music.

         – His early works include songs on poems by Leconte de Lisle, notably “Le Colibri” (“The Hummingbird”).

1888-1898 – Chausson was secretary of the Societie Nationale, which brought new French music to the public.

         – His Concert for Violin, Piano, and String Quartet represents a highly successful, almost unique application of two equal solo parts in combination with a string quartet.

         – Notable among his orchestral works are the richly textured Poème for Violin and Orchestra and his Symphony in B Flat Major.

1899 – Died on June 10th in Limay, France.

         – He was just beginning to gain recognition when he was killed in a bicycle accident at Limay, Seine-et-Oise.

1903 – He also composed several operas, among them Le Roi Arthus (posthumously produced), and choral and piano works.

3 (60%) 4 votes