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Charles V

Born: 1500 AD
Died: 1558 AD, at 58 years of age.

Nationality: Spanish
Categories: King


1500 – The king of Spain was born on the 24th day of February this year in the Flemish city of Ghent in Flanders.


1506 – He inherited his father's Burgundian territories. He became the ruler of ruler of the Burgundian Netherlands.


1516 – His reign as the king of Spain began this year until 1556. on the death of his grandfather, he inherited his grandfather's realm, which included Aragon, Navarre, Naples, Sicily and Sardinia. He also became joint ruler of Castile with, and guardian of, his insane mother Joanna.


1519 – He inherited the Habsburg lands in Austria. He was also the natural candidate to succeed of the electors, but with the help of the wealthy Fugger family, he was elected on the 28th of June this year.


1521 - The first war with Charles's great nemesis Francis I of France began in this year.


1526 - On the 10th of March this year, Charles married his first cousin Isabella of Portugal, sister of John III of Portugal. He is also famous for his many mistresses. Two of them gave birth to two future Governors of the Habsburg Netherlands:Johanna Maria van der Gheynst bore Margaret of Parma and Barbara Blomberg bore John of Austria.


1535 - Charles won an important victory at Tunis, but in 1536, Francis I of France allied himself with Suleiman against Charles.


1538 - While Francis was persuaded to sign a peace treaty in this year, he again allied himself with the Ottomans in 1542.


1543 - Charles allied himself with Henry VIII and forced Francis to sign the Truce of Crepy-en-Laonnois. Charles later signed a humiliating treaty with the Ottomans, to gain him some respite from the huge expenses of their war, although it was not over.


1549 - Charles issued a Pragmatic Sanction, declaring the Low Countries to be a unified entity of which his family would be the heirs.


1552 - He suffered from severe gout and some scholars think Charles V decided to abdicate after a gout attack in this year.


1556 – He abdicated his various titles, giving his Spanish empire, the Netherlands, Naples, and Spain's posessions in the Americas to his son, Philip II of Spain. He passed his dynastic Austrian lands and the Holy Roman Empire to his brother, Ferdinand. He retired to the monastery of Yuste in Extremadura, but continued to correspond widely and kept an interest in the situation of the empire.


1558 – At age 58, he passed away on the 21st day of September this year in Spain. Twenty-six years later, his remains were transferred to the Royal Pantheon of The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial.


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