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Born: 7420 AD
Died: 8140 AD
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742 AD – Charlemagne is believed to have been born on the 2nd of April, however several factors led to reconsideration of this traditional date.


768 AD – Charlemagne was 26, he and his younger brother Carloman inherited the kingdom of the Franks. 


771 AD – He succeeded his father and co-ruled with his brother Carloman until the latter’s death.


778 AD – Charlemagne experienced the worst defeat of his life, at Roncesvalles.


772 AD – He demanded the return of certain cities in the former exarchate of Ravenna as in accordance with a promise of Desiderius’ succession.


782 AD – He began to appoint his sons to positions of authority within the realm, in the tradition of the kings and mayors of the past.


787 AD – He directed his attention towards Benevento, where Arechis was reigning independently. 


800 AD – Charlemagne knelt in prayer in Saint Peter’s in Rome, Pope Leo III placed a golden crown on the bowed head of the king.


813 AD – Charlemagne called Louis the Pious, king of Aquitaine, his only surviving legitimate son, to his court. There he crowned him as his heir and sent him back to Aquitaine. He then spent the autumn hunting before returning to Aachen on the 1st of November. In January, he fell ill. He took to his bed on 21th of January and as Einhard tells it.

3 (60%) 23 votes