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Champlain, Samuel de

Born: 1570 AD
Died: 1635 AD
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1570 – Samuel de Chaplain, born in Brouage, France. He was the Founder of Quebec and father of New France. He was a navigator and geographer to the king, and suggested uniting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by a canal through Nicaragua.

1603 – He visited Canada, and chose the site of Quebec for a future colony.

1608 – He made extensive explorations of the surrounding country, following the Saint Lawrence, crossng Lake Ontario, and discovering Lake Champlain. He became involved in Indian warfare in defense of Quebec. His writings are descriptive of his voyages and discoveries. He was a true Christian explorer. He introduced into New France the custom of ringing the Angelus, as a means of signalling the time.

1635 – Died this year in Quebec, Canada.

2.8 (56%) 70 votes