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Chamberlain, Owen

Born: 1920 AD
Currently alive, at 98 years of age.
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1920 – Born on July 10th in San Francisco, California. American physicist.

1941 – He obtained his bachelor’s degree at Dartmouth College.

1942 – He joined the Manhattan Project, the U.S. Government organization for the construction of the atomic bomb.

1943 – Married to Beatrice Babette Cooper.

1946 – He resumed graduate work at the University of Chicago where, under the inspired guidance of the late Professor Enrico Fermi, he worked toward his doctorate.

1948-1949 – He completed experimental work on the diffraction of slow neutrons in liquids and his doctor’s degree was awarded by the University of Chicago.

         – He accepted a teaching position at the University of California in Berkeley.

1957 – He was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for the purpose of doing studies in the physics of antinucleons at the University of Rome.

1958 – He was appointed Professor of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley.

1959 – Served as Loeb Lecturer at Harvard University.

         – Won The Nobel Prize in Physics with Emilio Segrè for their discovery of antiproton.

1960 – Together with Professors Carson Jeffries and Gilbert Shapiro, pioneered the development and use of polarized proton targets to study the spin dependence of a wide variety of high energy processes, including the scattering of pi-mesons and protons on polarized protons, the determination of the parity of hyperons, and a test of time reversal symmetry in electron-proton scattering.

1998 – Married to Senta Pugh Gaiser.

2006 – Died on February 28th in Berkeley.

2.3 (46.67%) 9 votes