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Chamberlain, Joseph

Born: 1836 AD
Died: 1914 AD
3.1 (62%) 40 votes

1836 – Born on July 8th in Camberwell Grove, London, England, United Kingdom. British businessman, social reformer, and radical politician.

1861 – Married to Harriet Kenrick on July.

1868 – Married to Florence Kenrick.

         – He was elected as a town councilor.

1873 – Chamberlain became mayor and for the next three years introduced a series of social reforms.

1876 – Chamberlain was extremely popular in Birmingham, and was elected unopposed in a parliamentary election.

1880 – Made his mark in the House of Commons and after the General Election, William Gladstone appointed Chamberlain as President of the Board of Trade.

1885 – During the General Election Chamberlain was seen as the leader of the Radicals with his calls for land reform, housing reform and higher taxes on the rich.

1886 – Formed an alliance with the Conservative Party.

1895 – Became the British colonial secretary.

1903 – Joseph Chamberlain resigned from office so that he would be free to advocate his scheme of tariff reform.

1906 – Struck down by a stroke and took no further part in politics.

1914 – Died on July 2nd in London, England.

3.1 (62%) 40 votes