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Chaffee, Adna Romanza

Born: 1842 AD
Died: 1914 AD
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1842 – Born on April 14th in Orwell, Ohio. American military officer and general.

1861 – He enlisted in the 6th Cavalry on July.

1862 – He was promoted to sergeant and participated in the Peninsular and Antietam Campaigns.

         – He was advanced to first sergeant of Company K on September.

1863 – He was commissioned a second lieutenant by direction of the secretary of war.

1865-1867 – He was promoted to first lieutenant and captain.

1868 – Married to Kate Haynie Reynolds.

         – He served in the Indian wars against Central Plains and southwestern tribes.

1875 – Married to Annie Frances Rockwell.

1888 – He was promoted to major and posted to the 9th Cavalry.

1897 – He was promoted to lieutenant colonel and transferred to the 3d Cavalry.

         – He was commandant of the Cavalry School, Fort Riley.

1898 – He commanded a brigade in the Santiago campaign and served as chief of staff to the military governor of Cuba.

1900 – Commanded the American contingent in the multinational relief force sent to China during the Boxer uprising.

1901 – Promoted to major general in the permanent establishment.

         – Commanded the Department of the Philippines and served as military governor.

1902 – Commanded the Department of the East.

1904 – He was chief of staff of the United States Army.

1906 – Served on an Army and Navy board for cooperation between the services; retired from active service.

         – He was president of the Board of Public Works for the city of Los Angeles.

1914 – Died on November 1st in Los Angeles, California.

2.1 (41.11%) 18 votes