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Chadli, Bendjedid

Born: 1929 AD
Currently alive, at 89 years of age.
2.7 (54%) 10 votes

1929 – He was born on the 14th of April at Bouteldja, near Annaba)

         – He was reported to have served in the French Army as a junior officer before defecting to the National Liberation Front (FLN) at the beginning of the Algerian War of Independence.

1964-1969 – He rose through the ranks, becoming head of the 2nd military region and Colonel.

1978-1979 – He was minister of defense from November to February and became president following the death of Houari Boumédiènne.

         – Bendjedid then called for and began to implement a transition towards multi-party democracy.

2.7 (54%) 10 votes