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Cessna, Clyde Vernon

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1954 AD

1879 – Clyde Vernon Cessna was born in Hawthorne, Iowa on the 5th of December.

1911 – He set out to build his first airplane, an airplane he named "silverwing".

1912-1915 – Cessna developed several new monoplanes, all powered by a 6 cylinder Anzani Radial with 40-60 hp.

1916-1917 – Clyde acquired a vacant building to begin building a new aircraft for the aviation exhibition season.

1927 – On the 7th of September, the Cessna Aircraft Corporation officially became incorporated.

1927 – Cessna struggled to design and build an efficient monoplane.

1954 – Clyde Vernon Cessna died on the 20th of November at the age of 74.