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Cerin, Sorin

Born: 1963 AD
Currently alive, at 55 years of age.
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 1963  Sorin Cerin,  born on the November 25th  in  Baia Mare, Romania. Romanian philosopher and essayist.

1989   He actively participated in the Revolution of December  1989 having among the first who succeeded in entering the former Central Committee of the Communist Party.

1987  Starting with this year he chose to change his family name with Cerin by marrying with Mariana Cerin. He motivated his action by the fact he was the step son of  the man  whose name he was bearing.

1990    Editor  for the political section of  "Dreptatea" (Justice)  Romanian daily newspaper, belonged to the National Peasant Christian and Democratique Party.

1991 Splits definitively ex-wife.

1991    Due to the miners revolt which caused him troubles, he chose the exile and task refuge in the United States of America.

1995   Come back in Romania for short time.

1997    International press correspondent in Australia.

2000   Married with Dana Cristina Gorincioiu diplomat engineer, that encourages him to write.

2007  Establish the principles of philosophical system called the Coaxialism and publish the book: The Coaxialism.

2009  Finalize the six volumes of Wisdom Collection which containing 7012 aphorisms and maxims.


Published books:


Aphorisms and maxims

Vanity (2011)

Paradise and Inferno (2011)

 The Sin (2011)

Illumination (2011)

Wisdom Collection (2009)

The book of wisdom (2009)

The book of passion (2009)

The book of illusion and reality (2009)

The book of revelations (2009)

The book of the dead (2009)

The book of immortality (2009)




The coaxialism (2007)

Death, naught, unnaught, life and Bilderberg Group (2007)

The conception state in coaxiological phenomenology (2007)

The Antichrist, being and love (2007)

The coaxiological logic (2007)




The origin of God (2006)

Destiny trilogy composed of the volumes Psycho, The apocalypse and Exodus (2004)

Destiny (2003)



Poems of love (2009)

Soul mate (2011)

Temple of te heart (2011)


Religion and spirituality


Bible of the Light (2011)

1.7 (34.47%) 47 votes