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Centlivre, Susanna

Born: 1667 AD
Died: 1723 AD
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         – She married a man named Fox, supposedly the nephew of Sir Stephen Fox, when she was fifteen or sixteen years old.

1700 – She contributed poetry to The Nine Muses, an elegiac poetry collection left on the grave of John Dryden.

1702 – She wrote and had produced both The Beau Duel and The Stolen Heiress, with Love’s Contrivance the next season.

1705 – She wrote The Gamester and The basset Table.

         – She was a friend at that point of George Farquhar, William Burnaby, Nicholas Rowe, Colley Cibber, Ambrose Philips, Thomas Baker, Thomas Burnet, and Richard Steele, and she contributed prologues to their plays, while they contributed to hers.

1706 – She wrote Love at a Venture (continuing with her gaming theme), and Colley Cibber rejected the play as too bawdy.

1709 – She had one of her greatest successes with The Busybody.

1709 – She wrote The Man’s Bewitched, a play satirizing the squirearchy of Tory gentlemen in the country.

1723 – She died on the 1st of December and was buried at the actor’s church at St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.

1.5 (30%) 2 votes