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Celestine V

Born: 1210 AD
Died: 1296 AD
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1215 – He was born in the village of Sant’Angelo Limosano, in Molise, the son of Angelo Angelerio and Maria Leone.

         – He became a Benedictine monk at Faifoli in the diocese of Benevento when he was seventeen.

1239 – He showed an extraordinary disposition toward asceticism and solitude, and retired to a solitary cavern on the mountain Morrone, whence his name.

1244 – He founded the order subsequently called after him, the Celestines.

1294 – His successor, Pope Boniface VIII, sent for him, and finally, despite desperate attempts of the former Pope to escape, got him into his hands, and imprisoned him in the castle of Fumone near Ferentino in Campagna, where, after languishing for ten months in that infected air.

1296 – He died on the 19th of May.

2.7 (53.33%) 21 votes