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Ceausescu, Nicolae

Born: 1918 AD
Died: 1989 AD
2.2 (43.53%) 17 votes

1918 – He was born on the 26th day of January this year in Scornice_ti, Olt, Romania. Ceau_escu moved to Bucharest at the age of 11 to become a shoemaker’s apprentice.


1933 – He joined the then-illegal Communist Party of Romania in early this year. He was first arrested, in 1933, for agitating during a strike. He was arrested again, in 1934, first for collecting signatures on a petition protesting the trial of railway workers and twice more for other similar activities.


1936 – He then went underground, but was captured and imprisoned in 1936 for two years at Doftana Prison for anti-fascist activities.


1939 – While out of jail in this year, he met Elena Petrescu. She would play an increasing role in his political life over the decades. He was arrested and imprisoned again in 1940.


1943 – He was transferred to Târgu Jiu internment camp where he shared a cell with Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, becoming his protégé. After World War II, when Romania was beginning to fall under Soviet influence.


1944 – He served as secretary of the Union of Communist Youth until 1945.


1954 – He became a full member of the Politburo and eventually rose to occupy the second-highest position in the party hierarchy.


1965 – Three days after the death of Gheorghiu-Dej in March of this year, he became first secretary of the Romanian Workers’ Party on the 22nd day of March this year. He served until December 22, 1989.


1967 – He consolidated his power by becoming president of the State Council.


1974 – He added "President of Romania" to his titles, further consolidating his power. He followed an independent policy in foreign relations.


1989 – He passed away on the 25th day of December this year in Târgovi_te, Dâmbovica, Romania.


2.2 (43.53%) 17 votes