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Cavendish, Henry

Born: 1731 AD
Died: 1810 AD
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1731 – He was born on the 10th day of October this year in Nice, France, where his family was living at the time. His mother was Lady Anne Gray, daughter of the Duke of Kent and his father was Lord Charles Cavendish, son of the second Duke of Devonshire.


1749 – At age 11, Henry Cavendish was a pupil at Dr. Newcome’s School in Hackney. At age 18 in this year, he entered the University of Cambridge in St Peter’s College, now known as Peterhouse, but left four years later without graduating.


1766 – He was noted for his discovery of hydrogen. He called it "inflammable air". He described the density of inflammable air, which formed water on combustion. His first paper, Factitious Airs appeared in this year.


1797 – The apparatus used was actually designed and built by Rev. Geologist John Michell, who died before he could begin the experiment. This year, he completed the experiment sent in crates to him.


1810 – He passed away on the 24th day of February of this year. He was buried in Derby Cathedral, along with many of his ancestors.

3.2 (63.08%) 26 votes