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Cavalotti, Felice Carlo Emmanuele

Born: 1842 AD
Died: 1898 AD
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1842 – Born on December 6th in Milna, Italy. Italian left-wing, antimonarchist journalist and political leader, sometimes called Italy’s “Poet of the Democracy”.

1860 – He joined the Expedition of the Thousand volunteers who fought with the patriot general Giuseppe Garibaldi in Sicily.

1866 – He volunteered again in the Expedition of the Thousand.

         – He founded the journal Gazzettino rosa, in which he gained fame with his articles lampooning the monarchists.

1835-1836 – He was also a serious scholar and translated the critical life of Jesus, Das Leben Jesu kritisch bearbeitet, by the German theologian David F. Strauss.

1873 – Cavallotti’s political activism led to his election to the Chamber of Deputies, where he continued to fight for democratic reform and to criticize his right-wing opponents, especially Agostino Depretis and Francesco Crispi, until his death.

1898 – Died on March 6th in Rome.

         – He was killed by Ferruccio Macola, editor of the Gazzetta di Venezia.

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