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Cavalieri, Bonaventura Francesco

Born: 1598 AD
Died: 1647 AD
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1598 – Born in Milan, Italy. Italian mathematician who made developments in geometry that were precursors to integral calculus.

         – As a boy Cavalieri joined the Jesuati, a religious order (sometimes called “Apostolic Clerics of St. Jerome”) that followed the rule of St. Augustine.

         – Euclid’s works stimulated his interest in mathematics, and, after he met Galileo, Cavalieri considered himself a disciple of that great astronomer.

1629 – He was appointed professor of mathematics of the University of Bologna, Cavalieri had completely developed his method of indivisibles, a means of determining the size of geometric figures similar to the methods of integral calculus.

1632 – His other work include Lo specchio ustorio ouero trattato delle settioni coniche (“The Burning Glass; or, A Treatise on Conic Sections”).

1635 – Cavalieri’s work appeared and was entitled Geometria Indivisibilibus Continuorum Nova Quadam Ratione Promota (“A Certain Method for the Development of a New Geometry of Continuous Indivisibles”).

1643 – He wrote Trigonometria plana et sphaerica, linearis et logarithmica (“Plane, Spherical, Linear, and Logarithmic Trigonometry”).

1647 – Cavalieri wrote Exercitationes Geometricae Sex (“Six Geometrical Exercises”), stating the principle in the more satisfactory form that was widely employed by mathematicians during the 17th century.

         – Died on November 30th in Bologna, Papal States.

3.1 (61.54%) 13 votes