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Cato, Marcus Porcius (Cato the Younger)

Born: 095 AD
Died: 045 AD.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Philosopher


95 BC - Born in Rome. Roman philosopher surnamed "the Younger" and also called Uticensis to distinguish him from his great grandfather Cato the Elder, "the Censor".

67 BC - He became a military tribune and served a campaign in Macedonia but he never had any enthusiasm for the military profession.

58 BC - At the instigation of Caesar he was sent to Cyprus with a mission to depose its king, Ptolemy (brother of Ptolemy Auletes) and annex the island.

54 BC - He succeeded in obtaining the praetorship, and strenuously exerted himself in the hopeless and thankless task of suppressing bribery, in which all parties were equally interested.

49 BC - He failed to attain the consulship and had made up his mind to retire from the arena of civic ambition when the civil war broke out.

48 - A supporter of Pompey in the Civil War, after Pharsalus he escaped to Africa.

45 BC - He committed suicide and died in Utica, Tunisia.

         - On hearing of Caesar's overwhelming victory at Thapsus, he killed himself.


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