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Cato, Marcus Porcius (Cato the Elder, Cato the Censor)

Born: 234 AD
Died: 149 AD.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: Orators, Politician


234 - Marcus Porcius Cato was born in Tusculum, Latium, Italy.


214 - He served at Capua and the historian Wilhelm Drumann.


205 - He became successively quaestor.


204 - He entered upon the duties of his place of work.


199 - He became an aedile.


198 - He became a praetor.


195 - He became a consul with his old friend and patron Flaccus.


193 - He was in Rome which he was dedicating to Victoria Virgo,a small temple which he had vowed.


191 - He was appointed military tribune under the consul Manius Acilius Glabrio.


181 - He supported the lex Orchia.


157 - He was one of the deputies sent to Carthage to arbitrate between the Carthaginians and Massinissa.


149 - He held no public office but continued himself in the senate as the persistent opponent of the new ideas. He died.


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  • "Those who steal from private individuals spend their lives in stocks and chains; those who steal from the public treasure go dressed in gold and purple."
  • "Carthago delenda est. (Carthage must be destroyed.)"
  • "After I'm dead I'd rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one."