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Catherine of Alexandria

Born: 287 AD
Died: 305 AD, at 18 years of age.

Nationality: Egyptian
Categories: Martyr, Saint


287 - She was born in Alexandria, Egypt.

         - St. Catherine's life is mostly composed of legends which have many different variations.

         - She is said to have received a "most splendid education." She declared to her parents that she would only enter into marriage with someone who surpassed her in reputation, wealth, beauty and wisdom.

         - She became a Christian and was transported to heaven in vision and betrothed to Christ by the Virgin Mary (this ancient theme of a mystical marriage to a deity is familiar in the ecstatic mythology of the eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia).

         - Her legend states that Catherine succeeded in converting his wife, the Empress, and also many pagan wise men sent to dispute with her by the Emperor, all of whom were subsequently martyred.

305 - She died in Alexandria, Egypt.


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