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Castro Alves, Antonio de

Born: 1847 AD
Died: 1871 AD
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1847 – He was born on the 14th of March in Muritiba, Brazil.

         – Castro Alves produced a play that brought him to the attention of José de Alencar and Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, Brazilian literary leaders.

         – He became a dominant figure among the Condoreira (Condor) school of poets, likened, for their dedication to lofty causes and for their preference for elevated style, to the highest flying birds in the Americas.

         – His romantic image was heightened by his sense of being foredoomed by a wound incurred in a hunting accident. He lived and wrote at fever pitch while the wound worsened and eventually led to amputation of his foot.

1871 – He died on the 6th of July in Salvador.

2.3 (45.33%) 15 votes