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Castlereagh, Robert Stewart, II Viscount

Born: 1769 AD
Died: 1822 AD
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1769 – He was born on the 18th of June in Dublin.

1794 – He married Emily Anne Hobart, a beautiful if slightly eccentric woman to whom he remained devotedly attached throughout their long and childless marriage.

1798 – In March, he served as acting chief secretary to his relative Earl Camden, then lord lieutenant of Ireland.

         – In November, he was formally appointed to that office by Camden’s successor, Lord Cornwallis.

1801 – Castlereagh continued to advise Henry Addington’s ministry on Irish questions.

1802 – In July, he was appointed president of the Board of Control responsible for Indian affairs.

1805 – His first important task, the dispatch of a British expeditionary force to Hanover, was rendered ineffectual by Napoleon’s victory at Austerlitz but the move convinced Castlereagh of the strategic value of the British Army in continental warfare.

1806 – In January, he left office and became the chief opposition spokesman on foreign and military affairs.

1807 – He returned to the War Department in the Duke of Portland’s ministry and showed his determination to engage in major warfare against a continent now completely dominated by Napoleon.

1809 – Castlereagh was influential in securing the command for Sir Arthur Wellesley (later duke of Wellington).

1812 – He rejoined the government as secretary for foreign affairs, and after Prime Minister Perceval’s assassination in May he became leader of the House of Commons.

1814 – He secured acceptance in principle of his plans for a peace settlement under the control of the great powers.

1820 – He refused to treat their meeting at Troppau in October as a full European congress, and after the Congress of Laibach, he openly repudiated the Troppau principle of intervention and coercion.

1822 – He died on the 22nd of August in London.

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