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Jagiellonczyk, Kazimierz (Casimir IV)

Born: 1427 AD
Died: 1492 AD, at 64 years of age.

Nationality: Polish
Categories: King


1427 - Born on November 30th. Polish monarch.

         - Casimir IV, King of Poland, second son of Wladislaus II Jagiello, was appointed while still a lad grand-duke of Lithuania by his father.

1447 - He was crowned King of Poland at Cracow in June, three years after the death of his elder brother, Wladislaus III, at the battle of Varna.

1450 - He became a member of the Order of the Garter.

1454 - Casimir issued a manifesto directing the incorporation of the Prussian provinces with Poland, but granting them at the same time freedom from taxation and full autonomy.

         - King Kazimierz incorporated Prussia into Poland promising the inhabitants equal rights with the Poles.

1490 - The death of Matthias was a great relief to Poland, and Casimir employed the two remaining years of his reign in consolidating his position still further.

1492 - Died suddenly while hunting at Troki in Lithuania on June 7th.


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