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Casimir III the Great

Born: 1310 AD
Died: 1370 AD
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1310 AD – Born on April 30th in Kowal, Kujavia, Poland. Polish ruler and legal reformer.


             – Casimir III, called The Great, King of Poland , the son of Wladislaus Lokietek, king of Poland, and Jadwiga, princess of Kalisch.


1333 AD – He ruled as King of Poland.


             – Called “the Great” because he was deemed a peaceful ruler, a “peasant king,” and a skillful diplomat.


1364 AD – Casimir on the 12th of May, established and richly endowed the first University of Cracow, which had five professors of Roman law, three of Canon law, two of physics, and one master of arts.


1369 AD – Casimir’s last political act was the conclusion of a fresh alliance with Louis of Hungary against Charles IV at Buda.


1370 AD – Died on November 5th in Cracow.

3.1 (61.86%) 43 votes