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Cartwright, Thomas

Born: 1535 AD
Died: 1603 AD
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1535 – Born in Hertfordshire. An English Presbyterian leader.

1559 – The clergy who refused to conform to the compulsory form of worship that had been promulgated by Elizabeth (as the Act of Uniformity) lost their pulpits or were imprisoned.

1569 – He was appointed Lady Margaret professor of divinity at Cambridge; but John Whitgift, on becoming vice-chancellor, deprived him of the post in December.

1570 – Thomas Cartwright delivered a series of lectures at the University of Cambridge proposing that presbyterian government, or government by local councils of clergy and laity, might be an improvement over the current system of archbishops, bishops, and appointments.

         – Cartwright was dismissed for his opinions and fled to Geneva.

1576 – He visited and organized the Huguenot churches of the Channel Islands, and after revising the Rhenish version of the New Testament, again settled as pastor at Antwerp, declining the offer of a chair at St. Andrews.

1585 – He returned without permission to London, was imprisoned for a short time, and became master of the Earl of Leicester’s hospital at Warwick.

1590-1591 – Was summoned before the court of high commission and imprisoned and was once more committed to the Fleet.

1603 – Died on December 27th in Warwick.

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