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Cartwright, Peter

Born: 1785 AD
Died: 1872 AD
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1785 – Born on the 1st of September in Amherst County, Va., U.S.

1790 – His father, a veteran of the Revolutionary War, took his family to Kentucky.

1801 – He was converted during the Great Western Revival.

1802 – He was commissioned to form a new circuit of preaching points in an unchurched wilderness around the mouth of the Cumberland River.

1806-1808 – He was ordained deacon.

1824 – Cartwright hated slavery; to be on free soil he moved to Sangamon county.1856 – Cartwright recounted his colourful life in his Autobiography, which became a leading source for material on the life of the western circuit rider.

1872 – Died on the 25th of September, near Pleasant Plains.

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