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Cartwright, John

Born: 1740 AD
Died: 1824 AD
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1740 – Born on September 17th in Marnham, Nottinghamshire, England.

1758-1766 – John Cartwright joined the Royal Navy, fought in the Seven Years’ War, and was promoted to first lieutenant.

1774 – Published his first plea on behalf of the colonists, entitled American Independence the Glory and Interest of Great Britain.

1775 – Retired from the Navy shortly before the revolt of the North American colonies.

         – Nottinghamshire Militia was first raised, he was appointed major, and served for 17 years.

1776-1777 – Appeared his first work on reform in Parliament, entitled, Take Your Choice—a second edition appearing under the new title of The Legislative Rights of the Commonalty Vindicated.

1778-1780 – Conceived the project of a political association, which took shape as the Society for Constitutional Information.

1794-1819 – Major Cartwright was one of the witnesses at the high treason trial of his friends Horne Tooke, John Thelwall, and Thomas Hardy and was himself indicted for conspiracy and condemned to pay a fine of £100.

1824 – Died on September 23rd in London.

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