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Carteret, John

Born: 1690 AD
Died: 1763 AD
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1690 – Born on April 22nd. English statesman, commonly known by his earlier title as Lord Carteret, was the son of George Carteret, 1st Lord Carteret.

1710 – Carteret married on October 17th at Longleat Lady Frances Worsley, grand-daughter of the first Viscount Weymouth.

1711 – He took his seat in the Lords on May 25th.

1719 – His serious work in public life began with his appointment, as Ambassador to Sweden.

1727-1728 – John learned that the other inheritants of the original shares were planning to sell them back to the crown. Carteret declined to join them.

1730 – Carteret agreed to give up any participation in government in order to keep ownership of his share.

1742 – His views made him welcome to George II, who gladly accepted him as Secretary of State.

1743 – He accompanied the King to Germany, and was present at the Battle of Dettingen on June 27th.

1744 – He held the secretary-ship till November.

         – Carteret became Earl Granville on the death of his mother.

         – He married Lady Sophia Fermor, daughter of Lord Pomfret–a fashionable beauty and "reigning toast" of London society, who was younger than his daughters.

1746 – He allowed himself to be entrapped by the intrigues of the Pelhams into accepting the secretaryship, but resigned in forty-eight hours.

1751 – He became President of the Council, and was still liked and trusted by the King, but his share in government did not go beyond giving advice, and endeavouring to forward ministerial arrangements.

1756 – He was asked by Newcastle to become Prime Minister as the alternative to Pitt, but Granville, who perfectly understood why the offer was made, declined and supported Pitt.

1763 – is last act was to listen while on his death-bed to the reading of the preliminaries of the Treaty of Paris.

         – He died in his house in Arlington Street, London, on January 22nd.

2.6 (52%) 10 votes