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Carson, Edward Henry, Baron

Born: 1854 AD
Died: 1935 AD
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1854 – Edward Carson was born at 4 Harcourt Street in Dublin on the 9th of February.

         – Edward was educated at Portarlington School, Wesley College Dublin and Trinity College, Dublin, where he read law and was an active member of the College Historical Society.

1877 – He was called to the Irish Bar at King’s Inns.

1889 – He was made a Queen’s Counsel.

1892 – He began a political career, when he was appointed Solicitor-General for Ireland on the 20th June, although he was not then in the House of Commons.

         – He was elected as Member of Parliament (MP) for the University of Dublin in the general election as a Unionist, although the party lost the election to the Liberals.

1893 – He was admitted to the English Bar by The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple and from then on mainly practised in London.

1900 – He was appointed Solicitor-General for England on the 7th of May, receiving the usual ex officio knighthood.

1905 – He served in this position until the Conservative government resigned in December, when he was rewarded with membership of the Privy Council.

1908 – He appeared for the London Evening Standard in a libel action brought by George Cadbury.

1912 – On the 28th of September, he was the first signatory on the Ulster Covenant, which bound its signatories to resist Home Rule with the threat that they would use "all means necessary".

1913-1914 – In January, he established the Ulster Volunteer Force, the first loyalist paramilitary group. The UVF received a large arms cache from Germany in April.

1915 – On the 25th of May, Asquith appointed Carson Attorney-General when the Coalition Government was formed after the Liberal government was bought down by the Shell Crisis.

         – He resigned on the 19th of October, over his opposition to Government policy on war in the Balkans, which had left two British and one French division in Salonica instead of being dispatched to support the Serbs who were being attacked by Austria from the north and Bulgaria from the east.

1916-1917 – He returned to office on the 10th of December as First Lord of the Admiralty, becoming a Minister without Portfolio on the 17th of July.

1918 – He gave up his seat at the University of Dublin in the general election and was instead elected for Belfast Duncairn.

1929 – Lord Carson retired in October.

1935 – He died on the 22nd of October.

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