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Carson, Christopher

Born: 1809 AD
Died: 1868 AD
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US frontiersman, guide, scout, and trapper


apprenticed to saddlemaker 1825, but fled to Santa Fe 1826


joined expedition to California 1829-1831


worked as trapper throughout western frontier 1831-1842


hired by John C. Fremont as guide for three expeditions 1842, 1843-1844, 1845-1846


fought under Stephen Kearny at battle of San Pascual in Mexican War 1846, sneaking through surrounding enemy forces to summon aid from San Diego


served as US Indian agent to Ute tribe 1853-1861


led volunteer troops in Civil War, primarily fighting Native American groups in Texas and southwestern US


commander of Fort Garland, Colorado 1866-1867


eponym of Carson City, Nevada


with Jim Bridger and John Colter, one of the three people originally intended to be carved into Mount Rushmore

3.3 (65.71%) 7 votes